Ilsabette Ravens

Ilsabette Ravens writes humor-driven historical romance novels with more emotion than drama. While her characters have different comfort levels in terms of sexual exploration before marriage, Ilsabette is a big fan of having a post-marriage sex scene. Expect her characters to have tolerance for all cultures, a desire to help the disadvantaged, and an occasionally dirty mouth. If you like novellas and novels about aristocrats who treat people nicely but live naughtily, you can find them here.

The Studious Man, Miss(ish)fits Book 1 

When Miss Violette Hangbury meets two other misses wishing for husbands who appreciate animals rather than hunt them, they decide the wisest choices are scholars, rakes, and physicians. Meeting the studious Lord Tottham, Violette believes she could fall in love with such a clever and personable gentleman, but she wonders how to encourage him to court her.

 Richard Woodley, the Viscount of Tottham, finds Miss Hangbury to be an uncommon delight, but he questions whether he is quite the right man for her lively temperament. Witty and artistic, she inspires him to feel worthy of her. Just when he does, his eagerness to come together physically causes them to split apart emotionally. He’ll need to use all of his considerable brainpower for one deceptively simple question: how do you get the girl back?

 **Having started this novella solely to reclaim the joy of writing, I did less research than I’d always planned before putting out my first Regency. Historical purists may not be able to truly enjoy the story, but casual readers who like humorous tales of the ton will find it here.**