Darinne Paciotti

Darinne Paciotti writes humor-driven mythological fantasy with more emotion than drama. While many of the Heraverse stories Darinne wrote are no longer canon, she’s still happily working on the ones that are. Her characters enjoy sex and swearing, so both make appearances in the books. If you like novels about beautiful, bisexual gods of varying ethnic backgrounds, you can find them here. 

Growing Up Godly – Hera, Book 1 

Growing up isn’t easy, even if you’re a god.

Born to neglectful parents who prevent their children from meeting other gods, Hera is determined to find a better life. Using her newfound magical abilities, she escapes her home with her brothers and sisters. She finds herself in a new world with a new mom and a chance to make new friends. Or as it turns out, one friend. But hey, one is better than none.

As Hera navigates bullies, puberty, and loneliness, she discovers her destiny as a leader. During her teen years an old enemy returns to their world, and she must cope with unimaginable loss, unreturned feelings, and unbending pressure. Throughout her journey to maturity, Hera becomes a little bit cynical, a lot sarcastic, and desperately ready for the next great challenge.

Thousands of years before her life got garbled by the oral history of ancient Greeks, Hera was just a kid with dreams. This is her story.


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